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Transformable Robot

Andri Viyono created this transformer for his work and shares the different stages of the project.

Hi everyone, i want to share my experience about creating a transformable character.

3 month ago, my Bos asked me to create a transformable character. I decided to use my previous 3d model, Honda Civic Estilo as an transformable character (you can download the car model here). I had been struggling for 2 week , searching for the references and techniques how to make this stuff. Here is the result:

Then, I tried to add that animation to a real video footage. I used Iphone 4S to took the video. Here it the result:

I showed that video to my Bos, and he asked me to improve the animation and color. I took another video using a better camera, Canon 5D . then I asked to my co-worker to help me animate the character and add a sound . We also did a minor Post procecing in Adobe After Effect (adding dust, final color grading). Here is the final result:

hope all you guys like it, and sorry for my English :)


  1. Nice i liked the second most, the car makes a bit more "realisitic" (although such cars are not real) movements. Maybe in the rendering ad an invisible but shading object, as when the car drives under the big tree. As its nice to see some environment effects to the glass reflections.

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