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Short Film: Whole


William Reynish presents his graduation film 'Whole. Be sure to enable subtitles!

Hello Blenderheads,I'm glad to finally be able to show you my graduation film from The National Film School of Denmark called Whole.

It's entirely animated in Blender and rendered with Cycles.

The film is in Danish, but subtitles are available if you press the CC button in the lower right.

Thanks to everyone why helped make the film possible, and thanks to for letting us use their awesome render farm.

The film has been reviewed in two danish publications:



  • Roger H.

    Well done to say the least. I really like the slimy creature in the cave.

  • blend raphi

    One thumb is not enough !!!

  • galgot

    It's Beautiful.

  • Charlie Ringström

    Much better story than I have seen before...

  • Giovanni

    This is amazing to say the less. This is one of the best animation I've seen.

  • Richard38

    Excellent!!! I love the use of colors and shaders, specially the subsurface scattering...

  • Alec Lang


  • Bjorn Strand

    Amazing work. Love the style. The composition of each individual scene is so well thought out, as well as the sound design, often a weak point with either hallow voice recordings, or poor music choices. The only thing I would add is a warning for those with epilepsy, on the hole scene ;) another high point of the short.

    • Alan Perry

      Fantastic piece of work, from the shaders and lighting to the character design, all beautiful to look at. Plus a solid story and well told. I would agree with the epilepsy warning though, my online editor radar was ringing alarm bells :) Well done on getting this under your belt, hope to see more.

  • vangaans


  • stephen

    Brilliant. The voice acting really makes this piece. All too often a film can have great visuals but no story. This does both very well.

  • Pablo Petzen

    Great work!

  • Jefferson Davis

    Fantastic animation, shading, lighting, and I really like the sound mixing!

  • basse

    wow! excellent story and design.. loved everything in it.

  • ?????? ??????????

    i understood it easily just no need many words. Hope, it is not last film of you, guys