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  • David McDermott

    wow, great to see the faces connected to the names we hear so often. The project looks exciting!

  • comeinandburn

    I sincerely hope that anyone that hasn't contributed will seriously consider doing it, even a one time small donation:) As users we all ask for Blender to improve on this feature or that.... well this is the chance for real changes to happen.
    This project will have the largest group of developers and artist working together in the history of Blender. This could be a tipping point for the legitimacy of Open Source software.

    Great to see some of the faces behind the project, good luck everyone:)

  • sergiofrias

    Project Gooseberry will bring many good things to Blender ,and it's great to have so many talented artists on this project :)

  • penduin

    I really want this to succeed, so I bumped up my pledge to the film-credit level. :^) Let's make it happen!

    • Bart Veldhuizen


      • penduin

        The site actually makes it tough to tell whether I've changed my original pledge or added another one. I'm fine either way, but perhaps some clarification or a FAQ entry or something about increasing existing pledges would be helpful.