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Quick Tip: Changing Color Values


Reynante M. Martin demonstrates another hidden interface trick: using your mousewheel to quickly change color brightness in the node editor.

Reynante writes:

In this Blender Quick Tip, I'll show you how you can easily alter the value or brightness of a certain hue. This technique also applies to changing the numerical values of sliders and related fields.

Thanks for watching!

  • Alexander Weide

    thanks, don't know this^^

  • Timo Schwarzer

    Thanks. I'd to watch the movie twice to hear what key it is. It's finally ALT. :D

  • mike kelly

    heard about this one in miikaweb's commit logs, and forgot about it ha it'll come in handy if i remember to use it

  • Campbell Barton

    works for popup option menus, UI lists too.