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Modelling a Shrub procedurally with the Space Tree add-on

Gleb Alexandrov uses the new Space Tree add-on to create a scene in this short video.

Gleb writes:

How to make a realistic shrub, using procedural techniques in Blender?
In this tutorial (part 1), we'll explore an add-on called Space Tree (by Michel Anders).

This addon is based on the space colonization algorithm by Adam Runions.

Thanks for watching!
Gleb Alexandrov,


  • Amezke

    Does this add-on have the same features as the Sapling Tree add-on, or are both complementary to each other?

    • Spelle

      It's different from Sapling and yes, it can complement it pretty well.

  • mmoore500

    Excellent looking add-on. Can't wait to try it out.

  • Kirill Trideshny

    I'm not sure but seems it's better than Sapling and Ivy. It will be cool if these three will be combined together with the best parts. If it's possible of course :) It can be a happy chance if these are compatible for "merging".

  • TimH

    Wow this looks great, so cool that you can conform it to other objects

  • Muhammed TAN

    I can see those beautiful tree scenes coming...

  • supermutant

    Hmmm If I download the zip-file there are 4 different py-files inside. I installed them all but the addon don´t show up :(

    What is my mistake? Does it maybe don`t work with 2.7?

    • supermutant

      Get it by myself :) > Works strangely if you install the pached .zip-file O_O

  • TiagoTiago

    Why the need to hit an "update" button? Why not make it update as soon as a value change?

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