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Gooseberry: Happy Cloud!


What did Ton, Mathieu and Francesco do in Austin? Witness the launch of the Blender Cloud and the Gooseberry campaign in this video, and hear the plot of the movie!

Starring: Francesco Siddi (coder, dancer), Ton Roosendaal (talking)
Directed by: Mathieu Auvray


  • Happy (Pharrell Williams)
  • Thank You, Good Bye, It's Over (Bewitched Hands)

SXSW is one of the most important music, film and interactive festivals in the United States. It takes place in Austin, Texas every year for 10 days of concerts, conferences, movies and tradeshows. It's the perfect place to meet companies, actors, musicians, directors, producers, agents and sponsors.

We went to SXSW to promote The Gooseberry Project on a booth at the tradeshow. It was an exciting week for Ton Roosendaal, Francesco Siddi and me (Mathieu Auvray). We had to finalize the online campaign and the Blender Cloud, while presenting and promoting it at the tradeshow!

I had the chance to attend conference talks, movies and concerts - more than Ton and Francesco, who were working harder than ever on the launch of the campaign and the Cloud. This video is a short testimony I'd like to share of what happened there.
Crazy good times and wonderful memories already !

Hope this movie reflects that a bit :)

Let us make Francesco still happy:
Subscribe and use the Blender Cloud!

Mathieu Auvray
Paris, France

  • metatomato

    Should we start a crowd funding for Francesco holiday too?! ;-)

  • PhysicsGuy

    That was funny in a slightly disturbing way ...

  • Carlos M Guilarte

    Somehow I am just happy...! Thnx blenderheads for always coming up with stuff like this.

  • vblend

    Great tribute to them...

  • Utopia780

    Beautiful inspiring video!
    Blender Cloud is a reality.. and Francesco CAN dance!!

    Once again.. a big congratulation to you all! Making history.. since 1988!
    I'm proud to be somehow part of this group.

  • SonlenofBlender


  • Sebastian König

    And to anyone who's wondering what's in the Blender Cloud, here's a demo:

    • lyndon

      Thanks Sebastian, that was exactly the explanation I was looking for! And $12/month is fantastic value for money Wow o_0

  • Kirill Trideshny

    Overall mood is great! :) Ton is friendly as always!
    That dance was sometimes "infecting", that busty girl showed this perfectly )) I like the pieces of it - looks like some part of a music clip with music stars! :) But just dancing... with movie stars )