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Developer Meeting Notes: March 16, 2014

blender_logo_shinyBlender 2.70 is wrapping up this week, you can expect 'final' builds to start appearing after Wednesday.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

Here are the notes from today's meeting in #blendercoders.

1) Blender 2.70 release

  • Tuesday we do a last review of the status, a release AHOY then could be done for Wednesday.
  • Possible showstopper?

2) Other projects

  • Bastien Montagne: new FBX code has been moved to main add-on repo this week.
  • Jeroen Bakker: a roadmap for compositor has been made.
  • Bastien: first stage of split normals is ready for review. It includes auto-compute of split normals from flat faces and sharp edges (and optional threshold angle), as well as using them in 3DView and BI/Cycles.

That was it for the week!



  • hugues31

    What about the hide function when we create a node (or when we translate it), by pressing H ? This was cool, it makes connection easier and faster :)

  • Tom SF Haines

    Improving the compositor looks good, but I hope the internals get cleaned up - I had a go a few weeks ago at adding a node to it and gave up - I simply couldn't find all of the places where I needed to add/edit the code to make it actually appear and be usable in the interface. Intend to have another go at some point, when I can find some more time. That scaling fix is really needed though - the header for the 3Dami website was created in the compositor, and the whole thing looks pixalated because I am taking much higher resolution input and downscaling it massively, which the transform node does badly with (Despite the bicubic option).

  • Muhammed TAN

    There are some open source programs out there only for compositing. ButtleOFX, Ramen and Jahshaka are some I know. Why blender and these programs can't unite together? That would be awesome.

    • Brian Lockett

      Just because they're open-source doesn't mean that their coding structures and user licenses are similar.

      • Fabien Castan

        Yes, but supporting standards could be a good way to share works between projects. I'm thinking about OpenFX, which is the foundation of TuttleOFX

        OpenFX is supported by all professionnal compositing softwares, many color grading softwares, and some video editing softwares. It has the quality and rigor of a broad consensus within the industry. It could be a great thing for the open source world.

  • Utopia780

    oh man.. you guys can ALWAYS make using Blender a exciting experience!
    Compositor improvements on it's way?! Amazingly fantastic!!

  • trupelo

    Deep compositing!!! Yes :D Can't wait to use it along with volumetrics.

  • mike kelly

    woho !!! cant wait for this release. i read in the bug tracker they fixed a problem with rotations in rigify, can finally finish this armature i'm working on.

  • velu

    Should I be concerned that the 2.7 release candidate didn't seem to be working in cuda on my system when I tried it ? Was it deactivated for the candidates ?

    • Garrett Williams

      If it's the same error I was getting, they fixed it in a later build, though not an official release candidate. Try for a more recent build. This particular error didn't happen in RC1 but showed in RC2.

      • velu

        THANKS, I'll try that

  • Jesús Mario Camarillo García

    I found a bug using normal maps with glass material it does nor work

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