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Weekend Contest Winner: LeGore

20 - Legore

For the first time ever, a poem was our inspiration for a contest. ‘Half a League’ conjured up many battlefield images. Aliasguru's 'LeGore' interpretation earned the most votes. Congrats Aliasguru!

You’ll also get to pick the topic for next weekend! Please email me at bart @ this site and let me know what everyone should be spending their time on :)

Read on for some of the other cool entries.

Eric Varela - The Charge

12 - The Charge

AspiringAnimator - Battlefield at Sunset

11 - Battlefield at Sunset

Nachoc - no title



  • Karlis Stigis

    This is actually quite funny. Good title. :)

  • AspiringAnimator

    Congrats, Aliasguru, Eric, Nachoc, and everyone who participated!
    On a side note, does anyone think that it would be neat if everyone got into teams of 2-4 and had like a mini-open movie project competition, where each team would work together to make a short cartoon or an image, then post it similar in style to the weekend competitions?

    • Matt Holbach

      I think a small open movie project in teams would be awesome :D

      • AspiringAnimator

        And suddenly, "Project Starfruit/Cucumber/Pineapple/OtherRandomFruitsandVegetables" flashes before my eyes. :)

        • Matt Holbach

          Haha i would love to do a open movie project like that in small groups and each person gets assigned to do different things!

          • AspiringAnimator

            Yeah, I thought so too! Should I contact Bart and ask about it?

          • Bart Veldhuizen

            Just go ahead and plan one. I'd be happy to give you coverage!

          • Matt Holbach

            Well whats the theme and how are we gonna have the groups picked!

          • AspiringAnimator

            I'm awaiting confirmation that this is a go. :) If all goes according to plan, you guys get to decide the groups. I'm trying to think of a theme, I have one, but it seems way too easy, so I must come up with something better....

    • Brian Lockett

      That's a neat idea!

      • AspiringAnimator

        Thanks! :)

    • aliasguru

      indeed an interesting approach. but how would team members find each other? and is it doable in such a short timeframe? it sounds more like a week contest rather than a weekend contest to me :)

    • AspiringAnimator

      I thought that it wouldn't be in the same short timeframe, but maybe over the span of one to four-ish weeks?
      And it doesn't have to be a movie (although that would be awesome), it could just be a team-produced image.

      • aliasguru

        that sounds very cool indeed!

        • AspiringAnimator

          Thanks! Also, congrats again on your image! :) Should I suggest this to Bart as a possible other contest to have?

    • AspiringAnimator

      also, @aliasguru:disqus perhaps everyone who wanted to be involved could post a comment like "hey, I wanna do this" and the moderator of the contest would divide the people who said they want to do it into teams?

  • aliasguru

    Congratulations to everyone here, there were some really nice entries! Eric's image vas very involved, he's a hot tip for the next weekend contest!

    • AspiringAnimator

      Low poly?

      • aliasguru

        low poly won't be the topic, but might be a solution. stay tuned :)

  • nachoc

    Thanks and Congratulations to everyone!
    The proposed video works I feel great. Let's see how it evolves ....

  • ClintonKen

    Great submissions! Love the topic as well.

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