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Tutorial: Create a Brain Neuron Scene



Gary Simon from creates a view of some neurons in Blender and Photoshop.

Gary writes:

Learn how to create a very cool, sci-fi like render of brain neuron connections with Blender and Adobe Photoshop CC. This tutorial is suited towards beginners to intermediate.


  • winnertakesteve

    thanks to the author for the tut! with regards to the technique, i was thinking this would actually be the perfect application of the skin tool. you can create a complex, interconnected of a web of verts and edges very quickly, and then the skin tool gives it all nice volume while maintaining easy editability. there's also the nice ctrl-A radius controls to make the bulging nodes and thin connection strands. see my quick test attached! i used a simple noise texture to simulate the electric impulses, but i'd love to see someone come up with a technique that can be animated, allowing the impulses to run along the strands.

  • Anuga

    Drinking game : Take a drink everytime he says : Basically.

    • redwaller

      That's kind've mean.