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Video: رسمت العاشر (Painted X)


Video: رسمت العاشر (Painted X) video art

This is a video about an ancient battle, accompanied by an Arabic song. By Islam Almusaly.

Islam writes:

This video clip was done completely using Blender and GIMP. I spent around 4 weeks to finish it. Rendered using Cycles. It is about the Battle of Karbala in the year 680. The song is in Arabic and it is about an artist that draws some scenes from this battle.

Islam Almusaly

  • Hussam

    Sorry but this can be reffered to shiaa but not Islam.. This is not Islam.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      I didn't write that though, did I?

    • Francis

      You shouldn't talk that way, you must respect other peoples beliefs no
      matter what this video represent but i think Islam have several
      religions inside it, and as i know one of them is Sunni and other is
      Shiaa and denying one of them is an ugly and sick action, because by
      your post you provoking a long discussion between you and others which
      is not suitable for an art work threads or news.

      • Bart Veldhuizen

        Hey guys, this is not the place to discuss religions. Please take it elsewhere.

  • Jan Schmitz

    I don't know anything about the religious background, but I like the video! Its very atmospheric and the canvas shader looks very good.
    The video is a little long for my taste - maybe because of the music that sounds quite repetitive to my ears. (...and I didn't understand a word)

    It's quite a pity that a 8 minute animation (that made a lot of work) doesn't generate any resonance here. Maybe you could try to make the video more international. A shorter version with english subtitles for example.

    • Jan Schmitz

      ...and a technical question:
      did you use dynamic paint for the brush?

      • Islam Almusaly

        Yes I did.

    • Islam Almusaly

      My client gave me the sound track and ask me to make a video that long. I agree with you. It should be shorter : )

      • Jan Schmitz

        Ah I see, thats the thing with clients :D