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[non-Blender] Mandelbox Trip


Krzysztof Marczak created this video in Mandelbulber, an open source application to render 3D fractals.

About Mandelbulber:

Mandelbulber is an experimental application that helps to make rendering 3D Mandelbrot fractals much more accessible. A few of the supported 3D fractals: Mandelbulb, Mandelbox, BulbBox, JuliaBulb, Menger Sponge, Quaternion, Trigonometric, Hypercomplex, and Iterated Function Systems (IFS). All of these can be combined into infinite variations with the ability to hybridize different formulas together.


  • TimH

    Really nice! Colors are a bit too muted for my taste but I like the idea, someone get some py scripts going for nice fractal generation :)

  • Laurence

    Really impressive tool, I just wish I had some understanding of how fractals worked so I could do more than fiddle with the sliders

  • T.E. Mencer

    That looks pretty awesome ... only question I have is can you export the final fractal object for bringing into Blender or is it only internal rendering.

    • Laurence

      It seems to be internal only, if you could export the mesh, it would be massive, absolutely massive.

      It is pretty fun to work with though. You can zoom in, then zoom in some more ad infinitum.

  • VickyM72

    I always loved Mandelbulber as opposed to Mandelbulb3D for some reason, but cool exposure for it!
    @TaddMencer:disqus: Laurence is right, it would have a massive polycount. I've exported smaller fractals out of Incendia and they were still huge. It's best to render these right inside the program, you can change the lighting, etc.

    • Laurence

      Nice pic.

      • VickyM72

        Thanks! :D

    • Jack Harris

      VickyM72, your image is stunning. I have always like the complexity of fractals.

  • onjoFilms

    That's amazing. Like an Avatar scene.

  • Mario Adams

    this is like diving into the ocean and discovering an ancient city, build by extraterrestrial entities, many centuries ago, even millennia.
    And the music brings us in that mood.
    Nicely done.

    • Christoffer

      I agree. I felt like an explorer in ancient ruins.

  • Spelle

    Easily, one of the best fractal performances out there. And not just impressive geometry, but also great presentation (oh this mist). This video by Krzysztof is continuing to inspire!

  • Jack Harris

    Well executed. I like this!

  • mike kelly

    this is what got me started in 3D, about ten years ago. then i stumbled on wings, then blender. the mandelbrot stuff is amazing. so much you can do.I have a pretty good computer and it even grinds to a halt after awhile. cool to play around with though.

  • Sean K. Salomaa

    Just downloaded cuz of this post... deff worth the look!

  • Javier Diaz de Leon

    As mentioned before, exporting to meshes should yield a very high number of polys, too high to work with comfortably. But if we could determine a the number of polys generated, and if the 3d meshes wanted were only to have a low number of faces then...
    I'd really like to know how to do that.

  • Adam K

    The video was awesome, and the music gave it a great atmosphere, it also sounded like something you would hear in a Legend of Zelda dungeon.