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  • abhi

    of course we do.. also the sea creatire from enrico :)

    • Francisco Ortiz

      Yes Bart! It was a great tutorial about lattices ;)

      Your tutorials were the best. I still remember "Modeling a Castle" also :)

  • Nuno Donato

    8 years ago! damn yeah, I remember doing that... :D

  • michael

    hi.. can you post maybe how you make the water.. I don't know how to make the "unter water reflections" when the light goes into the water.. Somehow with the volumetrics....

    • David Radford

      Its a combination of volumetric lighting and caustics to get a good underwater look. The volumetrics give the light rays passing through the water and the caustics give you the bright lines of light on the sea floor or fish or whatever.

  • john

    Yeah I too remember .
    can you bring memories back?
    We love to see tutorial again .lol
    right, guys?