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Sector 9 Sci Fi Trailer: VFX created in Blender


Brad Hamilton shares a trailer with Blender VFX, and two breakdown videos.

Brad writes:

The trailer itself is an experiment(should have made that clear in the description). I had some free time over my last break so I decided to try my hand in making a Sci-Fi trailer using blender as the 3d pipeline. I The live action shots with actors are from a combination of several films I have made, one of which a 6 minute short called Sector 9 (hence the dialogue in the shots with the road flare). That particular video is still in the music creation stage.

Blender VFX Breakdown: Sci Fi Trailer: Robot in Helicopter

Blender VFX Breakdown: Space Scenes!



  • TimH

    That was pretty well done. Good job :)

  • Utopia780

    This is really good!
    I'm browsing your youtube channel and there's a lot of gems there!
    Thank you for all the breakdowns.

    • Utopia780


  • Matt Holbach

    Very nicely done!

  • Kirill Trideshny

    Good looking videos and great breakdowns!