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Technical Visualisation with Blender


FalkM shares a very slick product vizualisation video.

FalkM writes:

Hi Blender Community,
I just wanted to share an technical visualisation we've done for a german corporation which builds analytical measuring technology. Animated in Blender and rendered with Cycles on GPU's in Full-HD. CAD-Data were processed in Rhino-3D.

Blenders stability and reliability was incredible, so kudos to the developers!


  • Roger H.

    Can't say I understood all of that, but I was impressed nonetheless. Well done.

    • onjoFilms

      Can be used to do urine samples to make sure you didn't sneak any doobies into work.

  • claas kuhnen

    pretty nice movie maybe a tick to slow

    I think just those corner darkening is not needed it does not really fit the technical feel of this product.

  • David Mcsween

    Wow that is a great example of Blender doing just what any other app can. Which is terrific. It is just like all those annoying but informative tech overviews I have ever worked on in the past. But i loved the DOF effect in the middle, you don't often see that level of production value in these videos.

  • zanografix

    This was a great job. I thought there should have been an actor involved because for some reason I kept thinking it was a floor model not a bench top one. An actor would have answered that with finality.

  • Zecc

    The graphics speak for themselves, but I think something needs to be said about the rest.
    The voice acting and the music were top-notch.
    They lost me to the music because it was more enjoyable than all the tech-speak that went over my head, but it's hard to blame them since I'm not the target audience anyway. I found the music integrated perfectly. Great editing. I didn't find it too slow at all.

    • Zecc

      In the slight chance that FalkM see this:
      I find myself rerunning the video just to listen to the song again. Was this song made specifically for this video or was it licensed? I'd really like to listen to it outside of this video. Who was the musician?

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