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2.5D Parallax Animated Photo Tutorial


Patrick David describes the creation process of his beautiful '2.5D' animations that we showed last week.

Patrick writes:

I had been fiddling with creating these 2.5D parallax animated photos for quite a few years now, but there had recently been a neat post by Joe Fellows that brought it into the light again.

The reason I had originally played with the idea is part of a long, sad story involving my wedding and an out-of-focus camcorder that resulted in my not having any usable video of my wedding (in 2008). I did have all of the photographs, though. So as a present to my wife, I was going to re-create the wedding with these animated photos (I’m 99% sure she doesn't ever read my blog - so if anyone knows her don’t say anything! I can still make it a surprise!).

This is a long post.

It’s long because I’ve written hopefully detailed enough steps that a completely new user of Blender can pick it up and get something working. For more experienced users, I'm sorry for the length.

As a consolation prize, I’ve linked to my final .blend file just below if anyone wants to download it and see what I finally ended up with at the end of the tutorial. Enjoy!



  • SaphireS

    You link to the last Blendernation post about this, not to the tutorial.

    This is the correct Link:

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Oops, that's not very useful :) Thanks!

  • PhysicsGuy

    Thanks Patrick! I will get cracking on it this evening!

  • Timothy Liddy

    Great Work! I thank you for going through the process step by step and linking up with the other reference materials. I agree that this is a fantastic use for Blender (and Gimp). I too don't have/don't want the Adobe products, and it's nice to see the strides that people, like yourself, in the open source movement and the software itself are making. I wish you luck with your video venture you spoke about!

    • Pat David

      Thanks! I figured if I was going to bother writing a tutorial, might as well be thorough (at least thorough enough to get the job done? :) ).

  • klikmaker

    I am a big fan of this technique, and you are very masterful at it. You've stretched it way beyond what I thought was possible.
    Again, nice.

    • Pat David

      Thank you! Up next - displacement mapping a headshot photo to let it rotate slightly in 3D! :)

  • Byron Kindig

    Thankyou so much for this tutorial!

    • Pat David

      Very welcome! :)

  • blackdot

    i tried to recreate this by myself and failed miserably. this tutorial is exactly what i need. awesome.

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