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  • Skeindem

    Damn, this film is really nice. It have pretty interesting style and I would say it's even a bit creepy and it makes a weird atmosphere (in a good way). Story is also good, although it's a bit sad, but that's what makes it good.

  • ToGlory

    Nice film! Hurts me....

  • ultra_hominid

    i didn't get the ending :|

    • David McDermott

      I think it is about the boy being influenced by his family environment. The duck creature is a creation of his imagination made of the mundane material around him, the sticks in the forest. But the boys imagination is limited by his environment, all he can think of after creating this duck being, is simply to shoot it, like his father does.

  • Franzstadt

    Congratulations, all of you who made this. Each setup is like a painting, full of emotions...
    Probably this is the best short anim I've ever seen.

  • Brendon Leenheer

    Very nicely done! I love the visual feel of the film and the story it is trying to tell. I do wonder what Palmipedarium means though... I didn't find it in my basic dictionary search. Speaks well to the idea that we need to teach children properly, or they may get the wrong idea. Wonderful Short Film! I give it 5 Stars!

  • razvan

    The best looking animation in Blender i've seen so far!!!!!! congratulations guys

  • David McDermott

    That's wonderful, it reminds me of cannon fodder by katsuhiro otomo. great work.


    I liked the animation, but thought the story was REALLY drawn-out and a bit lame.

    (Has there ever been a cartoon which CELEBRATED hunters, farmers, and fathers? I think that 100% of them mock them. Maybe that's why no white people are having children anymore - they think they'll be bad guys if they're a father.)

  • Reaction59

    Aha, some real artistic vision. No Pixar-style creatures. Great use of texture and colour. Excellent!

  • Utopia780

    Amazing in every aspect.
    What a great Film!

  • Peter Boos

    Best blender movie i've seen ever so far, highly artistic..
    Is this movie for some kind of film festival ?

    Amazingly well done

  • Karlis Stigis

    Great work! Nice to see some professional work made with Blender.