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Blender Developer Sneak Peek #8 - Clamping, Sewing, Volumetrics

Thomas from Plasmasolutions is back with another quick overview of new topics in Blender development this week!

Thomas writes:

In this episode: A welcomed addition to Cycles by Thomas Dinges: direct and indirect clamping, sewing cloth parts with the new "sewing seams" feature by Jez, better booleans by Sergey and a new volumetrics sampling algorithm that produces less noise...


  • Brian Lockett

    I've been glad to see the cloth sewing feature introduced a good while back get brought to the front of focus of Blender. It's been a feature I've been keeping my eye on for a long while and hoping would see some attention in the future. Here's hoping for other developments eventually that'll lead to Blender capable of doing things more similar to Marvelous Designer.

  • januz

    The new boolean looks awesome.

  • Ronald Hicks

    The volumetrics and the booleans look really sweet.

  • Nonjsie Aardpeer

    Thank you very mutch for these sneak peaks. Very informative. I watch them all.
    I want to point something out now I see this Noise modifier with offset. looks great. I hoped Thomas showed a better example, in this case, using for instance 2+ objects. For me (newbie) its not clear why this 'noise' modifier with offset property is in this modifier in particular. The offset in time is a powerful thing to automate motions. I can imagine for more mechanical moving situations or moving graphics (me as graphic designer). A few months back I tried to do the offset in time movement with several objects in a more organic way, as secondary motion, but no luck. Would be great that objects, for example, follow one or more objects with certain conditions: stiffness of the linked chain, surrounding condition, forces of nature, elasticity/stretch ao. :) In combination with bones, hooks, weight painting you can do a lot. Hopefully something like this would picked up for development.

  • Peter Boos

    while looking and those new clamp setting, i notice that in my beta build, that volume shaders disappear when using clamp values. Also would it be an idea to have the volume material as a layer material (like there is now Z, Mist, and glossy and diffuse; adding the volume material, there too; would allow for a simple blur over it in after processing.

    I'm a big fan of improvements that would make my PC use less of the electric bill :)
    In general i think thats a great goal all these speed improvements, and noise removals that allow for less render samples..

  • Zagupi

    These Sneak Peak videos are a wonderful way to learn the new features. Cheers!

  • snot_nose

    The noise offset was mainly for overlapping motion (thanks to Bassam) so if one bone has a noise modifier applied, then the next bone can have the same noise but with an offset, and therefore create a follow through motion

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