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Developer Meeting at the Blender Institute


Developer Meeting at the Blender Institute people blender institute

A small group of developers is meeting this afternoon in Amsterdam at the Blender Institute to discuss requirements for Gooseberry. From left to right:  Monique Dewanchand, Francesco Siddi, Yours truly, Lukas Tönne, Brecht Van Lommel, Antony Riakiotakis and just outside the picture there's Jeroen Bakker. Ton took the picture :) We're discussing the Redcurrant asset management/project management/collaboration tools, the animation and physics pipeline, the rendering and compositing pipeline and whatever else catches our attention (which tends to be a lot ;-)


  • commEA

    Will there be a post on the minutes?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      I'll be sure to ask!

  • Julio Garcia (SephirothTBM)

    I hope they discuss about cycles distributed rendering or bucket rendering across many pc

  • PhysicsGuy

    Wow, an actual meeting in real life! Funny how Big Buck Bunny is looming fiercely above Antony's head!

  • Spelle

    Wonder, what's projected on the wall. :)

  • Gnuren

    Although asset management will be very important for the project, I hope developers will find time to implement some of the cool stuff from summer of code. Personally i loved the painting improvements, but that's just me :-)

    Looking forward to following the project unfold...

  • Kirill Trideshny

    Nice picture!

  • Utopia780

    Bart you forgot to introduce the cat.
    What part of Blender does he develop?

  • Sean Siefken

    i love you all. keep going strong.