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Video: Smoke Experiments


Beau Dreier Gligoor has made a compilation of his smoke sims. Which one is your favorite?

Beau writes:

This is a video with multiple simulations and experiments with the Blender smoke simulator. I really love Blender's smoke simulator, it is flexible, diverse and pretty fast in some cases.

  • Kirill Trideshny

    Great results! My favorite is the case where "something" quickly flies through the smoke making diagonal moves mostly. And it contains the light. So it looks terrific! Great idea.

  • Ben Simonds

    Some really cool simulations here. I'm getting very excited about cycles getting volumetrics...

  • Nicolas3D

    Fantastic. 0:47 and 1:20 - best for me :) . I really would like to see some tutorials.

  • Utopia780

    You, Sir, are a very creative smoker!
    My god! Fantastic!

    Hope to see this in the next Siggraph reel.

  • bob blob

    they are all fairly horrible... glitches... artefacts, sure he probably did this all on one machine.. but put the smoke resolution up a bit, render settings up a bit, increase the domain size so we dont see the box.

    • Beau

      That's why they are experiments. Surely you could think of that.

  • Peter Boos

    set your youtube video to visible to the whole world and dont limit it to certain countries... :(

    • Beau

      You're Dutch right? I'm Dutch as well. This video should be open to all audiences. How can I solve this?

      • HyperJ

        It might have to do something with the music. If your video contains music that matches copyrighted music, your video can be blocked to many (or all) countries.

        • Beau

          I acknowledged that the music isn't mine at the video section. Does this fix this issue?

          • HyperJ

            It didn't for me (I had a similar issue) - I had to reupload another version without that music.

  • asmithey

    Awesome. .I like the sticky, naplam, looking explosion towards the end. I'd love to see the Blend files for these.

  • Osmodivs

    We all need explosions like that.