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Model Download: Colonnato


Model Download: Colonnato blender models and rigging sytems

By lucasassone.

lucasassone writes:

A fictional classical palace interior. Inspired by "Palazzo dell'Università" in Genoa - Italy.

Fake scattering light with multiple halo spotlights used.

Materials are very simple, (I focused on the modeling) they can be lot improved.

I modeled only what you see, so if you want another point of view, probably you must complete the modeling, otherwise there are a lot of repetitive parts, making easy to complete modeling.


  • Enrico Valenza

    It's "Genova", not "Genoa". Good model.

    • valphi

      Genova in italiano. Genoa in english. Gênes en français. Genua auf deutsch. Génova en español...Such a nice old strong city doesn't only belong to Italy, but to the entire European History. :)

      • Enrico Valenza

        Ok. So then it's Nuova York, Londra, Parigi, etc...

        • johnj

          it's 'zena' (lol, only for italian people); anyway this model helps me a lot to remember how beautiful are this city and italy; thanks!

        • valphi

          Just depends on who is speaking and in what language. The text is in english, so Genoa is right. For example, in french, if I say Genova nobody understands, if I say Gênes, everybody understands. It's not playing with words.

  • mike kelly

    sweet, gotta pick that one up.

  • MxD

    Stylish theme ! Amazing, lucasassone. I admire your patience and your good taste. :-}