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Weekend Contest Winner: Exposed Basement


'In the Basement' was a contest theme that got your imagination going! I get the feeling that everyone is starting to spend more and more time on these, and I really love to see the results come in over the weekend.

"Exposed basement" by Guillaume Gris received the most votes! It's a very moody image that certainly made my eye wander around, trying to discover what's going on.

Congratulations Guillaume! You can pick the topic for next weekend's contest. Please don’t the topic here, but contact me at bart @ this website. Have fun selecting one :)


  • mike kelly

    that is a great the way the light comes through.

  • Loïc Pinsard

    If I survive this exam week, I'll participate to next weekend's contest!

    • Mario Adams

      Thumbs up

  • Brennan McFarland

    Wow. That's really photorealistic. I really like the glare, it makes it look less perfect and more like a real picture.

  • Andre Dues


  • Mario Adams

    Isn't it possible to make the duration a month or so but every weekend an other? I'm just an novice with very little time and no skills at all but with ideas. And even then I'm not sure I'll post. But it should give me and a lot of other fellow blender heads (I'm just a chip) some time to try something out.
    Never the less, nice image.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Part of the fun of the weekend contests is not having an ocean of time to create your work. I'd rather keep them as is, and maybe do some longer contests as well? Beginners are welcome to submit their work as well, so please do participate :)

      • Spelle

        Agree, working in the constraints is a nice practice)

        • Andre Dues

          What about doing a monthly Contest too?

      • Andre Dues

        Of course that question was for you :)
        What about doing a monthly Contest too?

        But a good thing could be to make a longer Vote time, maybe one Week? Cause the PPL that Post just on the deadline has no chance to get enough votes for their Image. At least maybe 2 or 3 days would be nice.

        Anyways this is awesome and Blendernation too :)

        • Bart Veldhuizen

          I'll give it some thought, thanks!

      • Brian Lockett

        I like the weekend challenges (even though I've yet to enter one yet, with my busy schedule). Just in haven't entered one yet and wanting to is pushing me to deal with short time window, a weekly attempt of practicing working well under tiny time constraints. It's a bit like the jumping rope game Double Dutch--I'm just waiting for my turn to jump in. If I get tangled up by the time constraint, I'll have that experience to my advantage the next time I try.

        And yeah, maybe a monthly challenge in addition to weekly challenge could be nice. Hey, maybe you can even sometimes have a weekly challenges that lead up to a themed monthly challenge, where people can re-purpose some of their past assets created for weekend challenges, with the condition they only re-purpose what they've submitted. Seems like a good way to keep those who didn't win past weekend challenges to keep trying to improve their content for the monthly challenges.

  • Guillaume Gris

    Well, thanks everyone. I was really inspired by this weekend theme. It was also the firt time I tried to use high-res sculpting for architecture and I worked quite well.

    I agree with Bart, a week-end is just what we need. I wouldn't spend more than a day working on these contests. As for beginners, more time might result in a more complex blend and therely something which migh be more dificult to handle for them. Just look at Eric Varela entry ! The model is quite simple but the light and the composition are great.

    Just a little advice for begginers that might look obvious to some. Remember that you don't have to model everything, just what you want to show. And you need details only where they can be seen. I spent years modelling useless things and I had definitely to learn this little trick the hard way.

    To illustrate my point, here is a little behind the scene :

    • Thomas Nordstrøm

      I really liked this image of yours, congratulations on a deserved win! I'm also very happy to hear the theme inspired you. :)

    • Eric Varela

      Congrats on the win and thanks for the shout out! I didn't realize that your piece was a sculpt, I thought you were doing that all with textures! Really interesting.

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