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Reel: Scixel's 2013 Demo

Spanish studio Scixel specializes in scientific animations. They present last year's work.

Enrique Sahagun writes:

The project Scixel is celebrating its first birthday. Born as a very small company, during this first year we have made images and animations for more than 50 scientists and researchers all over the world. Among other goals we have proved ourselves that it is possible to make a living been a Blendergeek.

Here we present a sumary of this amazing year.

Having on one side our great customers and on the other side the Blender community, this trip has been a real joy. So the only thing we can say at this point is, thank you friends, thank you customers and thank you Blender.


  • Kirill Trideshny

    Looks decent!

  • Marcin Klapczynski

    Solid work, Enrique! You should be proud. Wish you the best in the New Year!

  • trupelo

    Very cool :) I too am very interested in scientific and biological simulations.

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