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Frame Illusions


It looks like Alain had fun with the tracker in Blender :)

Alain (mcBlyver) writes:

Hi guys and happy new year to everyone.

Last week I've seen a very funny video with 2D tracking on the TV and I decided to test the principe with Blender. Unfortunately my improvised red Frame was not appropriate to use the Planar Tracker from Blender. So what ? Well, I decided to track the sequence manually, with a Mesh Plane and 2 Empty as Hook Modifiers to change the shape of the Plane. With a Key every 5 Frames, the tracking was good enough for this test. Compositing could also be improved, but like I said, it's sufficient for the demo.

Everything done in Blender 2.69.

I hope you'll like it.

Alain (mcBlyver)

  • MxD

    Creative and funny :-)

  • Reavenk

    The effect is seamless.

  • PhysicsGuy

    That looks very cool. I don't understand why the tracker doesn't work though. Perhaps you can post a piece of the footage somewhere, so that we can give tracking it a shot.

    • Alain Mathez

      OK, nice idea, thanks. I will try to give you something tonight.

      • Alain Mathez

        Hi there,
        Here is a link where you ca find a part of the original footage.
        Please, let me know if you are able to use the Blender Tracker on this.

        • PhysicsGuy

          I had no luck with tracking the footage. I tried a couple of things, but it is indeed a big problem that there is no structure on the frame. By making the markers really small (as narrow as the frame itself), I can track 20 to 40 frames from the start, but after that, no amount of manual coaching works.

          I don't know how one should decorate the frame to be able to track it easily. You would have to marker on the front, sides and back of the frame and make the front, back and side markers a different color. That way, you can make sure that the track get's lost when you flip the frame, instead of the track jumping to another marker and thus screwing up your tracking. This will thus
          still take a lot of manual work.

          Another idea is to put colored spheres on stick on the inside of the frame. Normally the tracking marker are annoying with object tracking, as you then need to cover them afterwards. But if you put them on the inside of the frame, that is not a big problem.

          • Alain Mathez

            Thank you for these informations. "Not a big problem" when the Frame is covered by the tracked image, but in the footage the frame stays sometimes empty. In this case the tracking markers would stay visible. Maybe I could just use markers on the front face of the frame, and then replace this face in the compositing. But then I have to mask my fingers.
            Well, not so easy as it seems, like usual :-)

          • PhysicsGuy

            Ah, ofcourse, in the shots where the frame remains empty, it is a problem, especially as the background is not static. So you cannot take one clean plate. Hmm, it is indeed a challenge. Perhaps keyframing it like you did is simplest way. It just sounds like such a lot of work *grin*.

  • Alain Mathez

    Meanwhile, by chance I found the original sequence :

  • Kirill Trideshny

    Let Chris Angel repeat the same ))

  • Warren D. M. Reed

    Sweeeet! trop fort!

  • Utopia780

    Very good!

  • e5dy

    Big up!!! o/ bien classe mcBlyver


    I made this 3 weeks ago: was basically inspired by a Canon commercial from many years ago.