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_BioMedical/ Showreel 2013

By Ricardo Raimundo.

Ricardo writes:

My name is Ricardo Raimundo aka Utopia780. I'm from the beautiful city of Lisbon in Portugal and I want to share with you my very first showreel.

All the animations were made for Stock Trek Images ( for a period of about 5 months. They are about this strange universe that exists inside all of us. As I don't have any knowledge on this scientific field I had to research a lot to make this animations the most accurate possible.. and it was fun!

Feel free to visit my webfolio.

Hope you enjoy it. Any critiques/suggestions/opinions are welcome!



  • Roberto Locatelli

    Indeed, a sci-fi epic inside our body! Well done!

    • Utopia780

      Thank you Roberto! We are full of space ships.. and aliens!

  • Kim Karim

    very slow intro, but WOW did that impress me later on. Great job!

    • Utopia780

      That's a good point Kim. I think I chose to respect the music pace.. maybe that was a dangerous choice in a reel but I'm not applying for any studio at the moment anyway..
      Thank you for you compliment.. I'm flattered!

  • redwaller

    Proof that GOD is real! Great Video! Creepy also! But nonetheless great.