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Weekend Contest: Fantasy Places


Weekend Contest: Fantasy Places contests

Image: still from 'The Secret of Kells'.

Andre Dues won last week’s weekend contest with 'Store'. I asked him to pick the theme for this weekend and his choice was: ‘Fantasy Places’. Read on for his motivation behind this choice.

Andre said:

I choose a very open Topic, so that nearly every piece of Art can fit in it. I dont feel like im the Winner of this contest cause the Oceanscene was much better, even without a City. Thomas Nordströms Pic was also very nice.

So i hope we get a lot a Participants with that Topic.

"Fantasy Places" its open and it should be enough inspiration to see some nice Art :)

Thank you!

Good thinking Andre! This should get some good creativity going this weekend.

Post your work below (attach an image), and vote for your winner. The winner will get a post on monday. Have fun!

  • Guillaume Gris

    I did this one about a year ago for my Role-play club. I just started using Cycles back then so textures are not that great but I think it looks quite good anyway.

  • Andre Dues

    Ok heres my Picture :) That was the half Friday!

  • Ayoub Moul

    thanks Andre for the nice words, yours was great too, although I didnt have an intention to win back then cuz I was off topic, I just wanted to share the result.
    hope to see some great renders ! ^_^

    • Andre Dues

      Thank you too. So now its time to grab your computer and make a Ontopic Scene :) I hope to see something from you! Thomas? Wheres yours? ;) I was able to cheat in this Contest because i knew the Topic b4 haha

      • Thomas Nordstrøm

        It's in the works, hoping to get it finished in time. Love your image this time to by the way. :) Beatiful composition. Really fits the topic. :)

  • Eric Varela

    So I actually just finished this piece and then saw the topic. While the actual image doesn't have that much fantastical in it, it's part of a series I've been working on in a fantasy environment so I thought I'd submit.

    • Andre Dues

      The Style is very nice. Reminds me of this old Stopmotion Plasticine Movies :)

      • Eric Varela

        Thanks! I think I might have gotten a little influenced by how much Pikmin 3 I've been playing lately lol.

  • David Krupicz

    I "whipped up' this set for my film project 'Cold Dark Mirror' over the last couple days while I've been off for the holidays...

  • Arjoonn Sharma

    Awesome pictures

  • Arjoonn Sharma

    Alien moon
    ... the other entries are out of my league but still.....once begun half done

    • Andre Dues

      Thats not bad at all. You should make the Foreground or Background in
      Focus. At least one End in Focus would make that Picture more pleasant
      for the Eyes. Are you still working on this?

      • Arjoonn Sharma

        I found that the background felt better than the fore in focus.... thanks for the advice

  • Wim den Boer

    Children's imagination. Part of an E-book project in progress.

    • Andre Dues

      Where is it?

  • Wim den Boer

    Second attempt to post my image. The first one has been swallowed by electronic forces beyond my control :-)

  • Thomas Nordstrøm

    Running late as usual, but here is my approach to the subject. :) Inspired by my 3 year old daughter. She frequently makes herself a little cabin with two chairs and a blanket. :)

    • Andre Dues

      Nice one! Maybe thats what your daughter experience in her Cabin :) Did she liked it too?

      • Thomas Nordstrøm

        Thank you! That's what I think too! :) she hasn't seen it yet. Just finished. It's past midnight here in Norway. :)

  • Bart Veldhuizen

    Thanks for participating and voting everyone! This weekend's contest is now closed and I'll be announcing the winner shortly.

  • Blender Springs

    Very Good :)