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  • Kirill Trideshny

    Cool action! :)) I like the chopper although it could be a bit dirtier. And of course a landing almost "inside trees" is nonsense )) I know it's ad, not "Saving Pt. Ryan".

  • Ammusionist

    This is one of the things I really love about Blender - that this level of quality can be achieved by school kids with some gumption and effort. Home movies may never be the same!

  • ri_s

    I think anyone considering entering one of these ad competitions (especially a Doritos one) should look at the background behind the "Doritos Mariachi" campaign. Hint:

    (oops didn't expect that to embed itself)

    • Kirill Trideshny

      Am I the only one who did thought that this mustache guy will kiss him instead of giving a hug? :D