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Commercial: BMW X5


Thierry and Greg created a BMW commercial for Avenue Digital Media.

Thierry says:

I have recently published an article about a 100% Blender made TV commercial!

A BMW retailer is currently presenting a 100% Blender TV commercial on Swiss TV. It was produced by L’Avenue Digital Media : a company that uses Blender for many projects in Switzerland : architecture, urbanism, Swiss luxury watch industry, TV commercials...

The render is a mix of freestyle for backgrounds with a more realistic aspect for car models. It took 6h on 4 computers with GTX cards (670, 680 and 580 2x) for two sequences. Six other sequences were rendered with Renderstreet. A perfect service when you have short deadlines.

Hope you will like it !

The article for the French community.

Kindest regards from Lausanne - Switzerland,



  • RenderStreet

    We helped with the rendering and everything was finished on time. Glad to see the commercial has met its deadline.

  • RenderStreet

    It's not every day you work for a BMW project. Glad to be of help!

  • Chaos

    It could be far better. Just my opinion.

    • Kirill Trideshny

      It's not bad. Just need more love. IMHO here is a lack of spring dynamics for cars. Maybe expressions of characters could be a bit more pronounced.
      I've just seen Greg portfolio and it looks very decent. So maybe they were in a hurry. This happens when a client wants it quicker or cheaper.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      So could your feedback ;-)

  • winnertakesteve

    environment and car look great!

    from a high level, i'm curious why they decided to do the cg people, though. Faces/body language pretty much supercede everything else visually in determining the emotional response of an audience. Doing that right in CG is challenging, and doubly so when you are working with realistic proportions and subtle expressions that are more likely to place you into the uncanny valley. thats my conceptual critique at least.

    regardless, really nice cycles and freestyle work, and congrats on selling blender on such a high profile client!

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      It was for a 'BMW retailer', not for BMW Switserland. So I imagine Thierry and the ad agency had to work with a limited budget, making hiring actors and integrating CG with live footage too expensive.

      • winnertakesteve

        yeah that sounds about right come to think of it. i know how clients can get an idea in their head that they push through regardless of practicality/budget! and i appreciate the narrative intending to parallel the aging driver alongside the evolving vehicles. oh well!

  • Richdaman

    Good work. I think it could even be better if you would use motionblur...

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