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Developer Meeting Notes: November 23, 2013


Developer Meeting Notes: November 23, 2013 blender development Our developers now have a new home for version management and bug/project tracking. Also, the first ideas for 2.70 are surfacing.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

Here are the notes from today's meeting in #blendercoders

1) Migration to git & phabricator

2) Projects for 2.70

  • Alexander Pinzof added his GSoC work for Laplacian deform modifier.
  • Thomas Beck works on a wireframe modifier, based on Campbell Barton's mesh operator. A doc and patch will be published soon.
  • Meeting discussed whether we should enable "templates" for startup, or enable having multiple startup.blends to choose from. There are simple solutions for it, but Brecht van Lommel prefers to work on something good. It's related to our asset browsing project as well. On hold for further investigation.
  • Bastien Montagne works on removing last radians from UI (so UI is degrees everywhere). Note that in code, radians are the default.



  • grafixsuz

    Great to hear. I am optimistic the next few months will bring some nice improvements. Hopefully more in the back end... Thanks to all the devs who are volunteering their time. It is very much appreciated.

    Off topic @Bart, not sure if others are having the same problems, but discus is not working properly in firefox on win 8.1 64 bit machine. It won't load. I am using chrome which seems to be allowing discus to operate. I have discus on one of my websites and have not encountered this problem myself, but from the blendernation site in firefox it doesn't seem to like to load.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Disqus f*cked up some of their cookies - if you can't comment, clear any and cookies, clear your browser cache and it should work again :-/

      • grafixsuz

        That did the trick Bart, thanks.

        • Bart Veldhuizen

          Great, glad to hear it!

      • CorsairX

        For what its worth; it wasn't enough to just clear Blendernation and Disqus cookies - I had to nuke very cookie in the browser. Firefox 25 on Win 7 64-bit.

        • Bart Veldhuizen

          The comments should be all fixed now.

  • Rafael

    Good improvements for 2.70! Hype!!

  • Utopia780

    Great news to start my week!

  • Metin Seven

    Laplacian Deform FTW!

  • Brian Lockett

    A wireframe modifier? I hope that's what it sounds like--an easy, one-step way to rendering wireframes over meshes.

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Just for comparison, with SVN, it took me 5 hours to pull down the entire commit history of trunk into git-svn. And that was without branches and tags. Now that they have gone native Git, I can clone the entire repo, including branches and tags, in 10 minutes.

    By the way, there is still one missing repo that hasn’t been converted, and that is blender-tests.

  • Kirill Trideshny

    Ow, yeah! :) Laplacian deform modifier seems can give a lot more power than it's shown in the demo video. I think it can be used to better rigs' manipulation giving possibilities to create good "muscle-effects".