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  • Moolah

    Hoooooray! :) Congratulations with all these new features in great bug fixes!

  • Januz

    Great job Blender devs, thanks!

  • 8-bit

    Thanks devs for all your hard work and dedication throughout the 2.6x! Looking forward to what the 2.7x will bring!

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Can’t wait for the switchover to Git. Hopefully we should see the following changes:

    * More rapid merging of new features into the master branch. Since merging can be done more easily, why not do it more often, so features do not have to be completely nailed down and stable before the first merge.
    * Separate stable releases out into their own branches. That way they can continue to receive bugfixes in parallel with master, but not new features. Of course, all bugfixes should also be merged into master.
    * I’d like to see some official Blender repo on GitHub, so that I can identify my copy as a fork from that. By all means let the Blender Foundation run its own central Git server as the ultimate authoritative source for the (ahem) source, but I think it’s also worthwhile to maintain a presence on social-coding sites like GitHub and Gitorious.

  • blengine

    Hey guys, we're holding a video tutorial contest for CG Masters for the release of 2.69, check out the prizes and rules at

  • comeinandburn

    thanks so much to all the developers for another awesome release:)

  • Knusk

    This is super nice! I decided it was time to do a financial contribution, and I hope many of you will do the same! It feels great to give something back, and even though 10 euros isn't much, it is better than nothing! :)

  • tk1214

    All previous releases kept my user preferences like which addons are activated etc., also there was the list of recent files in the opening splash screen from the previous version. With 2.69, everything is blank like restarting with a completely fresh installation of Blender. Why is that? Why do I have to figure out which settings have changed and put them back like they were before...?

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

      On Linux, user prefs are kept in a directory named ~/.config/blender/version/, so a new one is created for each new version. I just copy the contents of the previous directory to the new one.

      • tk1214

        Well, never had to do that in Windows. And if the new version doesn't copy the addons from the previous version, the user preferences can't activate the addons if they are missing.

    • Moolah

      You should check BlenderArtists forum, the Support part of it.

  • Brian Lockett

    I've just found a bug in both Blender 2.69 RC3 and Blender 2.69, and I've just reported it. So, if anyone on Windows 7 (64-bit) is experiencing a problem with crashes upon splitting windows or using the N key within split windows, I've already covered it.

    Here's the bug, if you're curious:

    Looking forward to the fix, and thanks for what's already been fixed and added, Blender devs!

    • tk1214

      I've got Windows 7, 64-bit as well and I can't reproduce this bug. I can split screens repeatedly, change sizes, press N or T as many times as I like, join areas, change window types etc. No crash, sorry.

      • Brian Lockett

        Hmm... I'm still having the issue, but maybe it's just a fluke. I'll try a fresh reinstall, and might even just reboot my whole computer fresh. Thanks for your feedback.

        • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

          You mean you didn’t try that first resort with ALL Windows problems—turning it off and on again?

    • Anuga

      Might wanna do a reset on the Blender Settings ;)

      • Brian Lockett

        Yep. Just tried it with default factory settings. The problem doesn't seem to show up here (so far, anyways...).

        I didn't think having my 3D Viewport header flipped to the top as my default would matter (esp. after I re-flipped it back to its default position where I still encountered the issue), but I guess it did.

        I guess my customized settings were the issue. I could just save a file from 2.68 and open it in 2.69 to re-save my custom settings, but I guess I'll have to just redo all of my settings, just to be safe...again. -_-'

        I'll update my bug report.

      • Brian Lockett

        Just did a fresh re-install, with factory settings as default, all custom user preferences and installed addons removed--an absolute default. The problem's not re-appearing. I'll retract my bug report. Maybe somewhere between my customized resized application window and the 3D Viewport header bar being flopped, it was causing a strange hiccup somewhere, but hey, whatever. Works now.

  • tk1214

    Actually, it's worse than I said before. It's not just the user preferences are set to default, but all my previously installed addons are missing, I have to copy them manually...

    • WalterJohan

      In my case the recover previous settings button was missing too, but after closing and restarting Blender it suddenly showed up. If not, you can probably simply copy the contents of C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.68 into a new folder and name it 2.69.

      • tk1214

        Where is the recover previous settings button? Don't think I have ever noticed that... I only see a load factory settings button.

        • WalterJohan

          The first time I launch a new version of Blender it always shows a button in the startup screen above the recent files where I can reload the settings from the older version. This time however it didn't show up until I restarted Blender.

    • Moolah

      I ALWAYS copy the addons manually. Do you know why?
      Because it's safer! Some addons from the older versions aren't fully supported in the last (can have some bugs and even crush Blender).
      When you have a bunch of these in the same folder every time (so don't need to re-copy them), you can't control it well. For me it's because I use "loaded" builds with a lot of contrib and experimental addons from
      Ask on BlenderArtists forum. I think your problem isn't a problem.

      • tk1214

        Maybe it's not a problem, but I never had to do it before, so I wonder if it's intentionally. And I would prefer not to copy them manually if it's not necessary, for example because maybe there's an addon which is now a standard part of the new release (like e.g. F2) and if I copy the old addons into the new folder I probably replace the newer, now fully supported addon with the old, maybe not fully supported version of it. To avoid that I have to go through all scripts and addons, check if they exist in the new release and compare versions.

  • sympa

    I'm seeing many more crashes than before, maybe because I've go a 3dconnexion mouse or I'm playing with Cycles hair, but have a crash pressing ctrl-Z after changing settings on the environment (globe) - and some more today.

    What can I do to capture these? Maybe Blender should report some crash stats back to the mothership, just like Firefox.

    • Brian Lockett

      You can report the bug with Report A Bug in the Help menu, but if you want to capture the bug in action, something I do (like I did above) is screen-capture my screen to repeat the crash.

      You can record your screen using the free software CamStudio, which is plenty sufficient, upload the video to YouTube, and just place a link to your video in the bug report. Be sure to provide the proper info about your computer system in the bug report.

      You can also use the free version of the program Jing or the free account with (both offered by TechSmith, the folks who develop Camtasia). There's also HyperCam, which is also free for screencasting.

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