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  • onnevan

    So Coool, it speeds up a lot the work to make rooms. The windows have to be made by hand, though?
    Congratulations for this amazing add-on!

    • Erebos

      There is already an addon for windows, called "Window Generator 2".

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Interesting that YouTube allows HD playback of embedded videos, Vimeo doesn’t.

    • Bart

      They have different business models: YouTube earns with ads, and doesn't care where a video is played and at which resolution. Vimeo sells Vimeo 'Plus' accounts that allow HD playback on embedded videos. I guess it's a way for them to encourage professionals to pay a membership fee.

    • Zecc

      Now if only YouTube allowed you to select the resolution you want to play at before you actually press play...

      • Brian Lockett

        There's a way. You have to go to your YouTube settings (you can find that by pressing the down-pointing arrow at the very top-right of your YouTube page when you're signed in, next to your little profile picture).

        Once there, you go to "Playback" (to the far left side, under "Account Settings," and make sure "Always choose the best quality for my connection and player size " is selected. And finally, make sure "Always play HD on fullscreen (when available)" is checked, and then hit the blue Save button at the right of the page.

        I find that it works many times, though not every time as expected (at least, for me), ever since the newer UI changes, but maybe you'll have better success. Though, once I play a video in HD and then play another one in that's available in HD, it usually plays the next video in HD as well. Yeah, it's kinda touchy (again, at least for me).

  • sparazza

    Cool e useful, thanks for this tool!


  • NRK

    INCREDIBLY useful. This will save me a TON of time. Thank you SOO much for this. Blender keeps getting more and more useful and mature.

  • Tlousky

    This is absolutely brilliant, well done and thanks!!

  • Brian Lockett

    Tried it out. Nice development. I hope to see this development grow with even more options. Good work! Thanks!

  • MxD

    Great ! Clever and useful ! Bravo !

  • nikitron

    Main thought is - go on. You must to support this project whatever happend.
    It can in future take advantages of virtual building concept (ArchiCAD).

  • Moolah

    Guys, that's amazing!
    One step closer to parametric modelling in Blender! ))) No, seriously, it's cool!
    Thank you for this great addon!

    Could you add some advanced features?

    I think it would be really useful to have options:

    checkbox "formula" and you edit a next (or third, fourth and etc.) wall length by some formula.
    For ex.: w2 = w1 / 2
    Or even you can add fields for overall length and width and leave "free" variables that will be calculated automatically. That will allow to design rooms from scratch and not bother on calculations.
    Another variant here:
    Add sizes from base walls (x, y). And it will be calculating via summing. Also boundary sizes will be set 1st. It will be handy to have some differentiation by axis.
    And a last idea:
    having interactive fields over 3dview (if it's possible) to change. Ctrl+click&move - discrete steps for values.
    I know... at the end I always see in my ideas something like SolidWorks or Catia :)
    Who knows, maybe we'll get some serious API changes in Blender 2.7 so there will be more possibilities to implement great ideas that is maybe impossible to do now.

  • antonioya

    Thanks for all kind commets.

    This is my second add-on and I did because I needed for a personal project, but I like that this is useful for more people.

    I'm working in some ideas :-) ...

    • gab3d

      Amazing work!
      Thank you!

      Now, if only Blender kept the primitives in the modifier stack that'd be really awesome.

  • piccobello

    This is freaking awesome! Will help me a lot and makes life easier for most of my jobs. Nice work!

  • Dns

    hey, awesome! is it possible to change wall size after creating a system?