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  • Marc Driftmeyer

    Just an old NeXT/Apple alumni here I want to give a shout out to Ton. You're an excellent presenter. It's rare in the IT Industries, across the board.

  • basroil

    I would suggest proper sound leveling before uploading any new videos, forcing viewers to turn volume up 3x higher than anything else is just not a reasonable level. That is especially an issue when suddenly someone remembers to level the mic and you get blasted with mumblings about gooseberry. Remember, the point of letting people see this is for the viewers to learn and enjoy, and you can't enjoy something that is broken.

  • Tiles

    Don`t call it broken. You know what happened to Andrew :D

    • Chrome Monkey

      Yeah, I know. He got an earful, listened carefully, learned from it, and shared the results with everyone at the conference with respect and appropriateness. Twas a tragic end. ;)

      • basroil

        "Twas a tragic end. ;)"

        The end of the speech was tragic, since Ton stepped in and tried to take over the question session. Very unprofessional there, especially when Andrew was trying to have a serious discussion on useability and listen to new voices on the topic. The final comments on "food was served 30 min ago" was completely uncalled for and entirely disrespectful (could have just said "I'm sure everyone has questions, but unfortunately we only have time for one more").

  • wordsand

    I wish I was there, great presentation from Ton. No mention of 'UK' in the attending countries :-(

  • Chrome Monkey

    "And now the most important question before we start with the keynote speech. How many right-click to select?" (hands go up) "How many left-click?" (hands go up) "How many neither-click?" (hands go up with lots of happy cheering)

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Do we need a special Blender version for 12-year-old kids? I ask because I happen to know a 12-year-old who has been doing some fun stuff with Blender, partly under my tutelage, but mostly on his own. He’s progressed to short animations and simple rigging of his own characters. Last time I was with him we got onto doing some Cycles renders.

    He was 11 when he started.

    • basroil2

      "Do we need a special Blender version for 12-year-old kids?"

      Needing a different program because a smart kid (a dumb kid will be out playing sports, smoking, etc) can't figure it out is a clear sign that something is wrong with UI. Devoting even one second to a second program that will not represent the first in any way is beyond stupid. Too much functionality (the "reasoning" behind a blender 101) is never an issue in any program. The issue is not knowing how to use the necessary functionality and information overload (30 item menus with sub menus). Nobody really cares if you need two key presses to use a high level function, it's the ability to use a single key press or button click (interchangeably if possible) to do a simple task that defines if a new user can understand and enjoy the program.

      • kroova

        I started when I was eleven years old, and now I am 12. Blender for Dummies helped me... heh, heh.

  • Chrome Monkey

    Different people differ. Some kids take to riding horses without special gear, like they were born to it. Many don't. That's just life.

    Thinking the experiences of everyone else should not differ from one's own? That's the express lane to Solipsistic-ville.

  • kroova

    Was Jonathan Williamson... texting? Um... no offense! Just wondering! Wish I coulda been there! Ton Roosendaal, you crack me up!

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