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Blender Network: Success Story by Sebastian König


Blender Network: Success Story by Sebastian König blender community

The Blender Network shares an interesting case where a client needed Blender to perform equirectangular stabilization on 10K footage from a drone.

Sebastian writes:

"Recently I was contacted by Francesco Siddi (network manager), who forwarded me a request by Logan Gilpin, who needed a special tracking service. Basically he needed equirectangular stabilization. He is taking footage with several cameras mounted on a quadrocopter which he then stitches together with an app called PTGui. The resulting 10K footage is crisp and clear, however quite shaky, due to movements and vibrations of the copter. He wanted to stabilize it so that he could map the stable footage onto a sphere, put a virtual camera inside of it so that he could have control over the viewing angle and focus of the entire sequence.

Read the full story over at the Blender Network!

  • samiboy

    Sebastian, Dalai-
    Awesome implementation! Now I have to go buy five more GoPros! Crap!

  • m.ardito

    Really good! There's no limit to what smart people using smart software can achieve...

  • Roberto Locatelli

    This is what I call collaboration!! Astonishing!! Two persons that live far, far away from each other, united by a powerful open source software and a collaborative spirit. Tomorrow Dalai Felipe (Rio de Janeiro) will need a solution and someone on New Zeland or Burquina Faso will help him.

    Note that it was only possible for three reasons:

    1) Blender is Open Source, so it's easy to a Python expert to create an addon for it.
    2) Blender users are, in general, generous people.
    3) There are a Blender Network.

    • brainchovy

      FYI: i am a blender user in NZ!

      • Roberto Locatelli

        Aha!! This is what I'm talking about!

        Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil!

  • dfelinto

    Nice to see a good response from other Blender users.

    Small note: Blender being open source has not a lot do with writing addons to it.

    That said, when I wrote the addon I used as a base for this one, I did poke Sergey (Clip Editor developer) a few times to expose one or other feature to the Python API. So kudos for Sergey, and kudos for open source.

    Even smaller note: Dalai *Felinto* ;)

  • Roberto Locatelli

    Little chinese story

    An old Master call his disciples and say:
    -- Dear disciples, I entered on an expanded consciousness state and I found out how hell looks.
    -- Wow, Master! - the disciples replied - tell us, please!!
    And the Master said:
    -- Hell is a circle of hungry people sitting, each one in front of a bowl of warm and aromatic rice. But unfortunately, their "rashis" (toothpicks) was very, very long. So they couldn't use it for take the rice from the bowls and bring it to their mouths. A curse prevents them from simply take the rice with their hands (kind of hell stuff). The result is that they are continuosly hungry despite the rice so close.
    -- How sad is hell - the disciples said.
    The old Master continuos:
    -- After this visit to hell, I was magically transported to Paradise.
    -- Wow! - exclaimed the disciples - And how the Paradise looks like?
    -- It is much like hell, disciples. I found a similar circle of people sitting in front of bowls of warm and tasty rice, with the same long, long toothpicks. The only difference was this one: each person was using the toothpicks to take the rice from the bowl belongs to the person straight in front of him (or her) and put it on his (or her) mouth. So, everyone was savoring a delicious rice with the help of each other and happily chatting as they ate.

    • comeinandburn

      I love this story, I've heard it once before.

      This is one of the reasons I'm so inspired by the Open Source community :)

      Thanks for sharing.

      • Roberto Locatelli

        A hug from Brazil.

  • Spelle

    Very inspiring! it's nice to see how people cooperate, doing project