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LuxRender Competition: Organic


LuxRender Competition: Organic contests

LuxRender challenges you to render new organic life forms. Winners will receive a FREE copy of both LuxRender and Blender. Awesome :)

Ian Blew writes:

It is high time for a new LuxRender competition.

The goal of these competitions is to showcase the capabilities of LuxRender and the community of LuxRender artists. The theme for this competition is "Organic". I intended this competition to promote the creation of new organic life forms that have never existed. So, fire up your copy of blender and create some new organic life form, a Plant, an animal, an alien, or whatever. Use this opportunity to explore. Feel free to experiment with bio-luminescence. Please do not submit nudes as they are not a new organic life form. This competition will run to November 30th 2013 23:59:59 UTC, at which time voting will commence.


  • JamScoBal

    IIs that suppose to be a joke! Blender and Luxrender are already free.

    • Bart

      Really? :)

      • Brian Lockett


    • binarycortex

      Of course it's a joke. It is not easy to find sponsors for this. I have have been able to offer some actual prizes in the past, and I hope to offer more in the future. If you know of any potential sponsors, besure to drop a note in the forum.

  • abhifx

    I wish some good skin shader comes out from this.... Wait even i can try that

  • NRK

    Luxrender is NOT free, I've been using it for years and reporting bugs to try and make it better, it's cost me lots for time and I loved every minute of it. There will always be a soft spot in my heart for this amazingly wonderful software. Someday when computers make render times a non issue, other renderers will be racing to try and meet it's accuracy and beauty. Best wishes on the competition and may the best artist win!