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BlenderNation: Header Graphics


Did you know you can click on the header graphics on BlenderNation and leave comments? Give it a try! Also, you can always access previous headers using the 'Art > Headers' menu. Finally, I'm always looking for new graphics. The rules for acceptance are a little fuzzy - mainly I'm looking for quality art work with a composition that works well in the header format (1000 x 288 pixels). If you have something that you think fits, please submit it here. Thanks :)

  • Steve Lund

    Hey Bart, have you ever considered reusing previous banner artwork? since you have now received probably thousands of banners, I'm sure there's lots of great work that has gone unseen... maybe you could even set it up to randomly choose one from your library of artwork...?

    • Bart

      Sometimes I do, yes, but usually I receive plenty of submissions :) I'll see if I can do a roundup, or have people vote on their favorite headers and then use those for a special week. Maybe around the Bconf?

  • 8-bit

    I never realized there was a menu, even though it's so obvious. Perhaps the advertisement placements distracted me or I just presumed BN was a quick forum and that was my only focus when visiting. Probably just blind! :)

    I think Steve Lund has a good suggestion if there's a lack of submitted images. I really enjoy that aspect of this site, different artist's work.

    Thanks for making us aware, Bart!

    • Zecc

      Thank you for mentioning the advertisements. I never noticed I hadn't disabled this browsers AdBlock on this site.

      • Bart

        Much appreciated :) I'm afraid that running BN takes so much time that I need it to generate a little income for me..

    • Bart


  • SEspider

    there has gotta be MUCH MORE to getting submissions on the header then simply fitting in a 1000x288 block. I've personally submitted a number of times and rejected each time. claiming neither meet the quality standards. And yet I've seen headers accepted that were in much worse "quality" then anything I submitted.
    please note that I'm in no way tooting my own horn here. Others I know have submitted great work and were rejected with the same lame excuse.
    What exactly qualifies as "quality art work with a composition that works well"? Cause the consistent flow of rejections has but a LOT of us off from submitting. Artist don't like rejections without a solid reason behind the decision explained to them. Just saying. :(