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Isometric Objects Made with Blender


Nico shares a web app that he's working on.

Nico  writes:

Hi every one!

This is a tool, I'm working on for work. I made all the objects with Blender. Here's a glimpse of the render in the web browser.

I developed the tool with Flash AS2.

With Blender, the work was pretty simple, I just had to place my model into a scene where the camera is orthographic mode. Then, I prepare a animation with 4 keyframes. I make the camera and the lights turn around my objects with a 90° rotation for each frame. After that, I just had to change my objects into my scene. And render my 4 frames animation.

I wanted to seperate the shadows and the object, in order to place objects site to side without having a shadow over an object. So I use the node editor to seperate the shadow layer in a independant render layer, and save 2 files in PNG (with transparency). For the transparency, I use the SetAlpha Node.

After the animation rendering, I've got 8 files : 4 shadows and 4 objects. I just have to overlay the PNG oject with the PNG shadows to get my final result.

In my Flash program, I load the PNGs and make them draggable (with a z-index gestion).

That's it :-)

Thanks for watching!!

  • cheenu

    Very Cool!

  • Brian Lockett

    Simple yet clever.

  • SuperMelon


    Add snap to grid in your Flash app draw some subtle grid on the floor (e.b. 10 cm dense) - and you're ready to go! :)

    Where can it be tested?

  • bharling

    Noticed you had a problem with the chair intersecting the table at one point. You can solve this by also rendering a depth map for each object, and do a comparison against that when you have 2 or more objects overlapping. That will let you slide chairs under tables etc. Should not be too hard to do in flash.

  • Moolah

    Nice stuff! :)
    I've done the similar job (only the rendering part) using the other 3d app. several years ago. That time Blender wasn't so famous. We've got rid of shadows right at start... Now I see how it could be solved if I could have a shiny DeLorean and a mad professor as a friend of mine )
    BTW, if you plan to work with Flash extensively then better jump to AS3 as soon as you can or your code's followers can curse you )) And actually AS3 is a much language although I've didn't used AS2 but I've compared it with AS3 and... the closer a language is to C++ the quicker it will become much more popular and useful... OK, I stop my spam arguments here... Sorry, people ))

  • Moolah

    *And actually AS3 is a much proper language*