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Tears of Steel - the Chinese Version

A team of 8 people in China re-made Tears of Steel. The result is not just a translated version - they COMPLETELY redid all the footage and changed a fair bit of the CG as well. I think this is the most impressive proof of the Open Content philosophy of the Blender Foundation so far!

Sebastian König reports:

"Here’s a great story of the fun and success of the Open Movie’s Creative Commons Licences and the creative freedom that they allow. Because now there is also a chinese Version of Tears of Steel! They had their own actors, reshot the entire movie and combined it with the CG assets of Tears of Steel. It’s so cool to see them reenact all these scenes from our movie. And their Techhead is at least as crazy as ours! :)

Read the full story over at the Mango blog.


  • jkbbbx

    just in case anyone's wondering

    advertisment shown before the actual video.

  • congcong009

    why the youtube sync is off? it sound fine for me :)
    not sure what happened during the uploading. I highly suggest to post that 2 screen video which looks more awesome!

  • DimitrisC

    Great job! There are some flaws here and there but it's a really good result!
    Congrats to the team!

  • lkm


  • Rams

    Great Job.... Really achieved almost to the original level..... Congrats to the team & for hardworking..

  • paleajed

    Must say the acting s a lot better than the original! :p

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