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Contours Retopology Addon v1.0 Released


Jonathan Williamson announces the '1.0' release of Contours Retopology - read more about it in the original announcement.

Jonathan Williamson writes:

Just a over a month has passed since the beta for our Contours Retopology addon was released. Since then it's not only been very well received by those using it, but we've put in a lot more development time to make it even better.

New features include:

  • New hotkey for activating Contours, CTRL+SHIFT+V
  • Newly designed widget for transforming strokes that’s much easier to use.
  • Modal hotkeys for rotate(R), slide(G), align(A, SHIFT+A, CTRL+A), etc.
  • Modal hotkeys for centering cursor to stroke(S) and then snapping view to cursor(c).
  • Modal support for changing views (front, side, perspective toggle, etc)
  • Stroke translate function changed to edge slide for easier tweaking
  • Stroke recovery option to restore accidental cancellations
  • Undo support for stroke drawing, adjustments, etc.
  • Clear Cache option in case of mesh change conflicts
  • Over 50 bug fixes and improvements

Get Contours here.


  • 1D_Inc

    Well, nice tool! Has bought it three times already =)

  • Steven Shearing

    I would like to point out that you can also get it from here for free

    Also there is Bsurfaces 1.5 that can Retoplogy very fast and powerful and free from here here

    • PV

      Thanks for posting that for the Contours repo. I was wondering where the source was, if you're going to label something GPL it should be clear where its at. I don't think it would fit my workflow very well, but I'd like to try it and find out. That said, if you can, buy a copy if you use it a lot. People who do this kind of work depend on those who use it to give them the resources to continue development. The more money they get for it, the more time they have to work on it.

      • Jonathan Williamson

        Since the addon is not compiled in anyway you're always getting the source with the download. It's just raw python files.

        Thanks for the support! :)

  • Moolah

    Good progress!
    I'm starving to see the Patch tool now )

    • Jonathan Williamson

      Very soon! :)

  • zero4mike

    Is there an in depth tutorial on how to install and use it?

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