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Blender Commit History: Blender 2.25 - 2.68a

Nathan Letwory has compiled an animated view of the 'Blender Commit History' - it shows you who worked on which areas of Blender.

Nathan writes:

A visualisation of the Blender code history, created with Gource 0.4.1.

Branches are visible for 15 seconds after last commit, then fade away if no more activity.
Files are hidden, but directories are visible.
Directory names are coloured #777000.
Commiter names are coloured #00ff00.

Seconds per day: 0.01
Time scale: 4
User idle time: 0.5s

Captions: Blender release tags with revision number and committer.


  • WDS

    Looks very cool,
    the software life.

  • beta-tester

    +1, yes, looks very cool, is there a full HD version available?

  • masterxeon1001

    that was exciting. next time.. blender become anemone.

  • 1D_Inc

    This is just incredible !

  • MicWit

    Would be great to have the start and release dates of the movies as well to see how they changed things :)

  • mozzy69

    wow, i cannot believe how small the core team is yet how much work they seem to accomplish! this visualization is an excellent attribute to the commitments of the developers.
    great job!

  • drichter

    being a graphic designer it's my job to love things like that :)

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