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Developer Meeting Notes: August 18+25, 2013

blender_logo_shinyI have to do some cathing up after two weeks of vacation ;-) Here are the Developer meeting notes of the last 2 meetings.

August 18

1) Projects for the upcoming release.

  • Cycles now is available under the permissive Apache License. This was originally intended to do anyway, but it was decided to have it first mature under the safe Blender GPL umbrella. Read more about it on the code blog.
  • Bastien Montagne reminds people to feedback on the UiList work.
  • We move to BCon2 now, potential release targets. Some of these might not make it in time, Ton Roosendaal will update the targets during the week by checking with the developers in person.
  • Brecht van Lommel updated SSS for Cycles.

2) Google Summer of Code

  • Thomas Dinges is updating sky rendering, using Sky Model from Hosek / Wilkie.
  • Still four weeks for pencil down! Everyone's reminded to get involved with the student's work by checking on progress here.

August 25

1) 2.69 planning

  • Release targets. This is the last week the targets can be added trunk-ready. Reviews or code work should wrap up by next next weekend and be added to trunk.
  • Stuart Broadfoot: did some more Cycles hair shader work and will commit within a week.
  • Bastien Montagne reminds Brecht (and others) to review the uiList patch.
  • Note from Campbell Barton: we need binary FBX files for testing new importer, see this thread.
  • Further: focus for this release is maintenance and bug fixing. Tracker gets a lot of reports!

2) Google Summer of Code

  • Ton Roosendaal will post code blog article this week with presentation of student's WIP sofar. Students were invited to make sure their docs in wiki are update for it.
  • "Pencil down" hard deadline is in 4 weeks.


  • Brian Lockett

    Thank you all for your continuing efforts! And good luck with the final 4 weeks!

  • PhysicsGuy

    About the bugtracker. Of theten bugs I recently tried to reproduce during my lunchbreaks, two were duplicates, two were out of memory crashes due to obscene amounts of detail and one was actually intended behaviour. Besdes that there were many reports I browsedthat did not meet the minimum requirements (no blend file, no version number, no os information). I know I should draw conclusions from that, but I am a bit stunned by how little work people are willing to put into reporting. Should we have a human filter to protect the devs from this workload? I for one would be willing to help with this. Reproducing ten reports a week is something one can do during lunch hour.

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    I just came here to say, I love the service. :)

    [link to bug report #36330 which your site will not let me post.]

  • Utopia780

    Hey hey!!

    Welcome back Bart!

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