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Timelapse: The Angry Robot Poster


Timelapse: The Angry Robot Poster 3d news

Kriss Berzkalns shares the creation of this poster in a timelapse video using Blender and Inkscape.

Kriss writes:

When I don't work in Blender I create various posters in Inkscape. This time I utilized both tools to get the result.

I used Blender 3D to create the robot and to get the composition and perspective right. After that I jumped into Inkscape and vectorized the image, added the text and finished it up in overall. I hope you like it and you are free to print it to post somewhere or hang on your wall. Enjoy!

The whole process of making it:

  • Brian Lockett

    Nice process there! I enjoy doing something similar where I'll create 3D assets and paint over them in Krita.

  • AlanHPerry

    Always love seeing someone doing something a little different with Blender, turned out brilliantly.

  • giuseppedl

    excellent work!

  • TheRobear

    That poster came out really good! nice work!

  • Karlis Stigis

    Good work, Kriss. ;)

  • natewinck

    Very nice job Kriss! It was really cool seeing your workflow for this.

  • Kriss Berzkalns

    Thank you all for the feedback people! :)

  • comeinandburn

    I was more impressed with your Inkscape skills! I need to re-watch this many times to see your workflow. Beautiful result:)