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Trailer: Luke's Escape


The international Blender team lead by Waqas Abdul Majeed has released the trailer of 'Luke's Escape', a crowdfunded movie project. In this video, all contributing Blender artists also introduce themselves!

Reynante writes:

For the past few months I, together with an awesome team of international artists, have been silently working on a short film made entirely with Blender. It has been a long and arduous journey, but we are very happy to announce that we have finally made the first step of our goal - finishing our trailer and launching our campaign.

I personally believe this is indeed a milestone, just like any other international projects imaginable and this is huge thanks to the Blender community and the developers for providing us with such an awesome and invaluable piece of tool that is almost beyond fact.

We've all been hard at work and are proud to realize that we achieved something monumental.

We're really hoping and crossing our fingers that the community can support us and that they'll love what we have and done and will achieve, because in the end, this is all for them and to be entertained by our story and to gain knowledge from it, technically- and artistically-speaking.

Thank you so much for your time, Bart and BlenderNation.

More power to you.



  • jimbozowie

    Looks fantastic!

  • cyborgbunny

    Wow, this project looks very promising. I love what has been done so far.
    Best of luck with the funding.

  • vidrazor2

    Hope they do a better job mixing audio in the movie than they did introducing the people involved. That's the most unprofessional mixing I've ever heard.

  • iowaqas

    Thanks a lot guys!

    @vidrazor2 I agree with you, we ran out of time and we had to go live and therefore it wasn't done well :) The trailer in the movie was taken care of audio guys back in our team and you can make out of it...

    • vidrazor2

      If you run some mild background noise reduction, followed by some strong compression on the voice tracks, and backing off the music track, you'll have more listenable dialog. I'm sure their stories were interesting, but I could only hear 2 or 3 of those clips. I don't know if that's too much effort at this time to re-issue that video, but it would be beneficial, I think. :-)

  • norvman

    This Looks fantastic... best of luck to you guys... Blend the hell out of it and Show the world what BlenderHeads are made of...