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Blender Activities at SIGGRAPH 2013


Blender Activities at SIGGRAPH 2013 siggraph

In a few hours from now I'll be flying to Los Angeles with Ton. We'll be meeting MANY community members there, starting with drinks tonight if we survive our jet lag ;-)

Blender's presence at SIGGRAPH includes a booth, two Birds of a Feather community meetings, work in the Animation Festival and a talk on a panel. Check out the full listing for details.

See you there next week?

  • Moolah

    Have a good time, dudes! :)

  • jeremaya

    "Open Source Panel, Sunday 21 July, 2 PM

    Ton Roosendaal has been invited to be in a Panel with Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony Imageworks and ILM to discuss and feedback on the state of Open Source for 3D creation and development."

    please record a video and upload it to youtube or vimeo for the community

    bye bye

    • LswaN

      Yes, please do! I wish this was something I could go to, but, well I can't. I would really like to see a video of this though.

      • Bart

        I talked to Ton, but the organization doesn't allow us to tape the discussion :(

        I'll try and make some videos at the BoF meeting though!

        • RendGen

          Paste links for videos if its will be ready. Thnx in adv.

        • Bmud

          That's worth writing a play-by-play of. Even if we can't see and hear it, knowing what was said will be valuable enough. I always appreciate your journalism during SIGGRAPH times, Bart. Thanks

        • vidrazor2

          Living in the age of Corporate Imperialism. Ironic considering the subject matter...

    • m.ardito

      ! i think this is quite an acknowledgement for Ton! (and Blender, and the Foundation). Great!


  • oraclefish

    Can't wait to meet everyone!

  • m.ardito

    anyone interested, read this too:

    in the comments, someone else hopes in a session recording too :-D


  • jimbozowie