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Hand-painted Textures in Blender

XRG81 writes:

Testing out some of the new 2013 Google Summer of Code updates to Blender's Texture Paint.


  • Brian Lockett

    Heck, yeah! I'm so glad that Blender's been getting some work done with its texturing system lately. I'll have to check out a latest build myself now.

    I'm glad to see this kind of texturing in Blender more these days. 3D texture painting is essential these days, because it's so time-saving to do a good portion of your texturing work directly and quickly, and taking some of the guesswork and limitations of merely doing all the texturing in 2D, so I'm glad to see this feature being addressed more in Blender.

    What's more, I'm glad to see more people using the texturing system in Blender more. While I am looking forward to the stuff like simulations and improvements to the various editors in Blender, I'm very happy seeing where Blender is headed in terms of advancing the texturing, modeling, and sculpting systems.

  • dncnmckn

    Man, that looks really great. I can't wait to try it.

  • YAFU

    This feature is really necessary, especially in GNU/Linux where we do not have other applications for 3D texture painting.
    Thank you very much to the developers.

  • Nazzareno

    Absolutely awesome! :D

  • DolphinDream

    Mesmerizing. 3D texture painting is AWESOME!

  • Jagmaster

    I could watch these painting demos all day. Can't wait for these gsoc updates to be included in the official release.

    Also, I found your video on seamless texture painting especially useful -

  • Krzysztopor

    That is very nice tutorial.
    I am just curious, how long did you paint it in real time?


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