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  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    To stop textures becoming “fuzzy” on being scaled up, just turn off “Interpolation” in the “Image Sampling” texture properties panel.

  • thunderweasel

    Clicking on the link brought me to a forum. How do I download the blend file?

    • Bart

      There's a link on the forum post called 'Download the blender file here'. Try that one ;-)

  • SeakyGeko

    How do you move and look around?

    • -Jack

      Use the arrows on the number pad.

      • Bman

        I am on a laptop now how do I do it

  • yoshilover90

    ermm, are you able to change skin on the minecraft character? (haven't downloaded the file yet.)

    • redwaller

      I should think so. All skins are lain out in the same way. If you go to textures and open a different skin, you should

      see it in the render.

      • Todays_adventure

        Go to UV image editer, click on the skin file, click replace image, then click the skin file you want

  • nakul

    THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gavin


  • siem

    i might make one !!

  • lars

    how to download the blender

  • nightfury kaurin

    well well well my dream

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