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Blender Sighting: Nightwing


Blender was spotted in this month's episode of the Batman-related 'Nightwing' comic. (Via @dh_thomas)


  • Brian Lockett


  • jefferson moreira

    Blender and linux too (maybe gnome in ubuntu)...

    • noobsaibot

      maybe mac OS

      • ebrain

        Unlikely, there's a title bar ;)

  • Utopia780

    That's cool!

  • Francisco Ortiz

    As you can see it's running pretty fast at this old computer :)

  • jonata

    And it's VSE!!!

  • Linil

    Hmmm.. so Blender is Batman's secret super power.

  • Reaction

    Computer Shopper magazine, on sale in the UK, shows a still from Big Buck Bunny on almost every one of their monitor reviews, month after month.

    • Bart

      Ha, cool!

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