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Blender Videos in SIGGRAPH Animation Festival!

WOAH!! Blender made it into this year's SIGGRAPH Animation festival THREE times! Check it out on 2:39 for Kaleb Lechowski's R'ha, 3:05 for Pablo Vazquez' Caminandes and 3:20 for Grupa Smacznego's "Lost Senses"!


  • Rushlord

    You forget 2:39. It's also Blender there. Can't remember his name something with Alexander I think. You posted his video here.

  • Jakub Szczesniak

    "Hay also Our Short Lost Senses that we made at studio Grupa Smacznego (GS Animation) based in Gdańsk, Poland is also made it to the trailer and won Jury Award at SIGGRAPH. Everything was done in Blender 2.62.
    Jakub Szczęśniak"

  • Chrome Monkey

    Two of the features were from game trailers, not original work?

    • Quandelora

      FAR more than two... I spotted Halo 4, Team Fortress 2, World of Warcraft, StarCraft (twice), and probably a couple others as well. I think that they count as "Original work" for the people that made them. Besides, I don't think the conference is just for originals.

  • Quandelora

    Wow... I saw 2/3 blender game cinematics in there. Would have thought that Diablo III's "The Black Soulstone" would have made it in... Blizzard's work was one of the biggest inspirations for me to get involved in CG work

  • Calzaath

    Holy cows! its up there with AC3, planetside 2, and Halo!!! 0_0

  • Linil

    Superrrr Awesomeeeee.....

  • TheDuckCow

    I can't stop watching this video, a really great showcase this year

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