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Party Technology Workshop using Blender and Raspberry Pi's


A free workshop on June 25th in Utrecht, the Netherlands on creating 'immersive spacious projections' with Blender and Raspberry Pi's.

Machiel Veltkamp writes:

On Tuesday 25th of june SETUP in cooperation with z25 will organise a workshop on immersive spacious projections using Blender.

With the help of several Raspberry Pi's a bunch of projectors and some meters of network cabling we will create a continuous projected environment using Blender as the central orchestrator.

If you are interested in using Blender for realtime visuals using multiple projectors you cannot let this workshop pass.
Come to the EKKO, Utrecht and join us as we show you our system using Blender as the centrepiece.

This workshop is part of the Open Source Party serie organised by SETUP for more information on the open source party go here.

For more information on the workshop (Dutch) go here.


  • mozzy69

    Wow, dit klink ongelooflik. ek kannie wag om dit uit te tjek :)
    english: RAAAAAAAAD!!!!!

    • LightDash

      Wow, dit klink ongelooflik. ek kannie wag om dit uit te tjek

      Wow, that sounds amazing. I can not wait to check it out

      That´s the correct translation !

  • Garrett Williams

    Okay, THIS sounds useful for me. Unfortunately I'm in the center of the United States and don't have a passport. I hope the downloadable party kit will have documentation and maybe even helpful videos.
    It's amazing what people do with Raspberry Pi's. If the setup is how I think it is, I saw an article years ago where somebody was using Mac Minis for the same type of setup(playing a video across many displays).

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