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Reel: Picto Filmo


By PictoFilmo. This reel is a little slow, but it contains some good content.

PictoFilmo writes:

Picto Filmo is a french cgi company based in Paris and Nantes. We use Blender 3D since 2007 and work on a full open source platform since 2010 !
Here some works made with Blender. We are open to recieve books from artist who wants to work in Paris or Nantes !

Thanks a lot for all to Blender Fondation and Community and the open-source community too. The show must go on !

Picto Filmo Team.

  • harryabreu

    I have interest my portfolio

  • vidrazor2

    Was it my system, or is there no audio on that video?

  • Moolah

    Great reel! You have a very good team as I think! Michelin commercials made with Blender! :) I've didn't knew that. It's a nice surprise!
    It's bad that it has no audio.

  • Reavenk

    As shallow and irrelevant as it may sound, you can't not have background music in a reel.

    • vidrazor2

      Yeah, that's certainly a shallow and irrelevant comment...

      • LightDash

        mmm i agree Reavenk

        • LightDash

          ops hahaha i mean (it has no music), why ?

          in any reel ( background music is a must ) that way we can appreciate better that video, mmm i think it needs background music, but anyway the reel is gr8

          thanx 4 sharing

    • Muhammad Iqro

      Hmmm...i got an idea

      play your music with wmp or other program and play the video on youtube

      tada..a background music.. xD

      • LightDash

        hahahaha i did it b4 reading u´r comment, i thought da same, good idea :)

  • dncnmckn

    That motor racing at 4:16 is great.

  • bharling

    Great to see the skill progression alongside the progress of blender, goes from 'ok' to 'wow!' really well :)

  • cgxev

    Cool, really great stuff.

  • stephen

    Some really great stuff in there, good job. It feels to me as though it's a progression of Blenders abilities rather than a showreel though, with the version number slider on the side. Very interesting for us Blenderheads to see, but I don't think a client is going to be too interested in what version of Blender you used. I think a cut down version, showing your best bits of each project may work better as a showreel.

  • PictoFilmo


    Thanks a lot for your comments !
    No it isn't a really reel, it was just to show to the Blender users what we have done with it, a simply samples sequence.
    Our job is to create pictures, and we are very bad in sound ;) ! sorry, I promess to you to take guitar lessons today !

    if we have time one day, we will do a real reel !



  • timmyelliot

    They have good work in there, but a terrible presentation.

    After 4 seconds I started clicking around. I can't imagine sitting through that for 8 minutes (considering I could barely handle 10 seconds). For me, it wasn't the lack of sound. I never listen to sound for demo reels, unless I'm watching lip synching.

  • oraclefish

    The car stuff at the end was pretty great.