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Short Film: Legacy


Enrique Sahagún writes:

After a year of hard blending, Legacy is finished.
This short movie tells the story of a man's revelation in the worst moment of his life. Hope you like it!

Legacy has being made as a Scixel's side project in our spare time, for free and with the priceless collaboration of three amazingly talented people: Javier Trapiella (Jess), Baol Bardot Bulsara (Jess's voice) and Robert Green (ground control voice and sound producer), all of them artists in multiple fields.

Directed by Enrique Sahagún, this movie has been made using free software exclusively: Blender, Gimp, Lmms and Audacity. And special thanks should be given to the people behind them.

For more info, visit

  • mozzy69

    Wow, wut an awesome movie. I esp like the way the shots are drawn out leaving lots of space and time between one cut to the next.

  • LightDash

    Hi Enrique, i just wanted 2 say that u´r short film was neat, i think da same as u ( a hard work on it ), but its end was awesome, Congratulations.... i´d like watching more in future, things like this is not common ( u know ).... but now a lot of people like CGI and i think that´s Gr8.... well..... that was my humble comment hehe thanx 4 making this possible, Hugs...

  • Timothy95

    That was depressing... Good job though. What version of Blender did you use for this?

    • mcbeth

      LOL............was thinking the same thing and chose not to comment

      • kike_sahagun

        thats a funny question... it took me a year to finish this so... guess I started with 2.62 and finished it with 2.65... I didnt changed into 2.67 until last yesterday!

  • vidrazor2

    OK, that was good. Great job!