Roman Chumak shares a ‘making of’ of some of the first work on his short film ‘Sayonara’.

Roman writes:

Hi everyone!

Me and my friends are going to make a short animation using Blender, big part of it is already complete, and we are planning to finish it by the end of the year.

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  • coolguyliam

    thats really cool. i love vids like this.

  • dafassi

    Could someone tell what softwar was use to record his body-movement, and a tutorial how to bring that to a amature?


  • p4ymak

    Thank you!
    We used iPi Mocap Studio and NI Mate for motion capture and all further works with it done in Blender. I think we’ll make a short tutorial about retargeting mocap to a custom rig as our next breakdown.. Stay tuned.. = )

    • dafassi

      Hey! That sounds great! Im very interested in :).
      Keep up the nice work!


  • 8-bit

    Some cool stuff going on there. My only suggestion is to change the music up a bit. After about 20 seconds I had to make a decision to either stop the video or mute my monitors. No offense to the composer, this type of music to my ears can quickly become very grating if not well produced with variety. I may be alone on this though :-) Regardless, thanks for sharing. Always good to see a project come together.

  • ByronK

    I would like to see more about how the motion capture was done. The work is beautiful.

  • Anton Khalembakov

    Интересный проект. А проект учебный я так понимаю? Так как в конце заметил лого Screamschool? Неужели там Блендеру обучают?

  • Anton Khalembakov

    Стилистика будет под аниме?